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Odessa – to Be the Imperial

To Be “Imperial”. On Deribasovskaya will return a historic hotel in art Nouveau style, painted with “on-parizhski”

State service of protection of objects of cultural heritage at the Ministry of culture approved the project of the new building of the long-suffering of “Spartacus” (the hotel will return the old name “Imperial”), which was torn down several years ago. The construction will be the firm “Mriya”, which is included in group “Incor”, owned by the Deputy of the city Council Ruslan Tarpan. Sources in the Duma reported that permission to work was given by the mayor of Odessa Eduard Gurvits.

Earlier, officials insisted, to restore the hotel to its original form, with strongly agree the developer and the author of the project — people’s architect of Ukraine Vladimir Glazyrin. The latter claimed that the old “Spartacus” architectural values. In the end, the authorities agreed with the position of the “Incor”. The investor is ready to start construction in the autumn (on leave three years), however, it is necessary to coordinate design documentation.

The “Imperial” was changed several times. Finally was chosen the following option. Seven-storey hotel with 267 rooms (plus two attic floor, the developers promise that they will not be visible from the opposite side Deribasovskaya str) will build in charactername of the late XIX— early XX centuries art Nouveau style. Will and three underground levels, two of them — Parking. The façade will adorn the pilasters surround, French balconies, reliefs and high reliefs, floral ornaments and live vines. The color of the walls — the so-called “Paris”, light ochre. The area adjacent to the building, landscaping: plant trees and shrubs, bridge lay granite tile, put as lamps floor lamps and sconces.

Together with the hotel “Bolshaya Moskovskaya” (reconstruction underway) Imperial will generate the Propylaea — the portal of the main city axis, which stretches from Military descent through Giannou and the Greek area on Alexander Avenue. This corresponds to the old idea of architects of Odessa.

Historical “Imperial” was built and rebuilt since the middle of XIX century in the former series Greek Bazaar. In it there were 54 first-class rooms (for the price of 75 kopecks up to 5 rubles daily). The staff could speak Russian, French, German and Polish languages. On the ground floor were shops, first city pharmacy of Samuel Naumovich and representation of the company “singer”. Pre-revolutionary the phone number of the hotel was consonant with the name of a famous song — 7-40. While the most famous resident of Mikhail Bulgakov, who lived here, when put in the Russian theater a play by “Running”. The premiere did not take place because of the ban of the authorities.