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The most unusual hotel Alaska

Alaska is famous for its magnificent forests and other natural beauty, untouched by modern technomoron, but it’s not all its attractions. One of them is a four-star hotel Aurora Express, which is not the usual architectural structure, but a real train. Cars of the early 20th century, collected from different American trains are at 700 meters railway rail in the middle of a huge spruce forests, frozen monument of the times when this method of travel was considered a luxury.

On the former luxury to Aurora Express recalls and making unique rooms built by the owners-the train literally bit by bit. Each car is decorated in the interior style was at the height of fashion at the beginning of the last century — a magnificent hand painted, heavy curtains of dark velvet, tapestries and articles of blown Venetian glass at Aurora Express create the unique atmosphere of the Victorian era. Tourists who are accustomed to the “sterile” rooms of modern hotels, come to the delight from the coziness of cars with huge king beds, with sparkling gold-plated ceilings, restored antique furniture and private bathrooms.

Each car has its own topic — so, young couples prekrasnogo in “Bordello”, is decorated in the style of an expensive brothel. Bright color palette, crystal chandeliers, large mirrors on the wall and, of course, a chic bed for love will not leave indifferent even older couples. Religious guests Aurora Express offers to settle in the “National Domain”, in the interior of which is clearly ecclesiastical style. The abundance of light colors, Catholic crosses, wall hanging, decorative religious paraphernalia and a glass ceiling, through which you can easily see the sky and pray to God before going to sleep. For families with children the hotel provides the room “The Arlene” that once served as a mobile hospital, and now adapted for kids.

The hotel also has air conditioning, TV and wifi, although the hotel owners claim that spending time in this way, when the wonderful scenery of Alaska is a sin. And they are right, it is enough to go from the hotel-train, to enjoy the snowy nature in winter and leafy green in summer. Near Aurora Express has comfortable benches where you can bask under the sun and admire the majestic fir trees that grow in abundance here. No less gorgeous in comparison with the rooms and hotel looks the dining car, designed for 24 people, where the ceiling depicts the Northern lights and the Aurora Express, guests can enjoy American cuisine to the sound of music. The food choice is very wide — from Indian Taco with beans, cheese and shredded beef to a soft lime pie with whipped cream.

The cost of accommodation in a luxury hotel-the train is from 130 dollars a day. From entertainment Express Aurora offers leisure activities, namely, skiing and Biking, climbing the surrounding hills, picking wildflowers, and other activities designed to lift spirits and strengthen the body.