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The best hotels in Hurghada

Holiday in Egypt is cheap, cheaper from Russia you can only fly to Turkey. Holidays in Hurghada – the most budget, but here you can find five star hotels that meet the highest requirements. However, the choice for those who are trying to find in Hurghada Luxury hotels for VIP guests, is not great.

Cheap hotels in Hurghada can be booked and a $ 30 a day, and it will be a double room. Sometimes the hotel offers discounts on certain dates. And the cost will be lower than a two-star hotel and the facilities will be more. And sometimes the 4*hotel is more comfortable and chic than some of the 5* hotels. When choosing a hotel, should carefully examine and study the location and the surrounding area, and the availability of on-site garden, and the quality of the beach. Testimonials from those who’ve been there before and will help you understand – if you this place.

To choose the most expensive hotel in Hurghada is easy: it is the Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh Hotel (Oberoi). Here you can book a room from $ 400 per night. The hotel is built in Arabic style, expensive, modern and stylish. This is a gorgeous hotel complex in the side of Hurghada, about 25 km away But this has its advantages: the location of the hotel is very good.And from the airport, guests are greeted by a car of a representative class. It is a surprisingly peaceful place to stay. No animation, no cheap buffets. The service is excellent, and the food was on the menu, prepared by the upper class in any of the three restaurants, according to guests. Rooms in Oberoi differ in dear simplicity: no cheap trinkets on site. All rooms – suites consisting of several rooms, ranging in size from 71 up to 225 square meters. each room with its own patio or private pool. The hotel its own tennis court, gym, sauna, dive centre and SPA. For kids everything is provided except the animation. Another plus, which pleases when choosing a hotel and definitely mentioned as an advantage – a minimum of tourists from Russia. Yes, sadly, the Russian tourists are somehow lower class hotel. In Oberoi vacationers from Russia arrive extremely rarely.

Second on price and level of service in Hurghada, you can call the Kempinski hotel (Kempinski). The property boasts a gorgeous view from the rooms, has an exceptionally convenient location on the waterfront. Near the hotel is the most luxurious beach in Soma Bay, which is also important. Not every hotel in Hurghada, positioning itself as a five star, can boast of high quality beach without flaws. Rooms in Kempinski with luxurious living rooms and bathrooms, every room has a balcony with views of the sea or the gardens. Near the hotel there is a Golf course. Stay in a club room at this hotel, with views of the lagoon, will cost about 400-450 dollars per day, while the minimum price of rooms in this hotel are below $ 200.

To find at least a few hotels of the same level in Hurghada, perhaps, unlikely. You can prodoljit several five-star hotels, and the price. And where service will be, to put it mildly, differ from hotels or Oberoi Kempinski. However, the Hurghada Marriott Red Sea Beach Resort tries to live up to its class, offers a variety of services for your convenience: tennis, gym, SPA, children’s activities, and much more, to take the time and do not give bored. The hotel has not only the beach but also a private island. Stay for two in a Suite will cost $ 200 per day. Gorgeous rooms can cost 1.5-2 times cheaper.

It is quite difficult to choose a luxury hotel in Hurghada, especially for those who seek variety. However, not every resort in Russia can boast of at least one hotel such as the Oberoi. Therefore, fans of expensive holiday too, have a place to stay in Hurghada.