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The hotel is a shithole

In Sweden, opened the first hotel under the open sky. It’s a neat way to draw attention to homelessness and collect donations to support those in need. “If we don’t want to sleep in such places, why should someone else?” – ask the creators of the unusual hotel.

The category of “unusual hotels of the world” recently added perhaps the most unique hotel – the hotel under the open sky. The creators of the project “Faktum hotels” suggested everyone to feel homeless and to spend the night on the street. The customer can choose one of ten places in Gothenburg where to spend the night in a sleeping bag on a Park bench, at the stadium, under the bridge or trolley Park.

This street hotel has rightfully earned a leading position in the category of the most unusual hotels in the world. Night on the street will cost about 10-15 dollars. Don’t be surprised if your place will be used – in Gothenburg, around 3,400 homeless people, for which, in fact, began the creation of this “hotel”. The money promised by the authors of the idea, will go to help the homeless the same.

To book a room over the Internet. Each “room” has detailed photos and a detailed description (we will tell only about the most “attractive” rooms). Surprisingly this action is quite viable – and are willing to try themselves as homeless, not sotrana the meager comforts of a dirty mattress but not the first freshness of the blanket.

This “room” has no clear outlines. Sleeper is located in the centre of an idyllic Park. Fall asleep to the lapping of the lake waters and the rustle of greenery on the lawns – the dream of romance!

Another suggestion is to spend the night at an abandoned paper mill in Mandala. If you want privacy, you can trim all the urban sounds with massive iron doors.

Feel the pulse of the city from under the tunnel. Rushing from early morning to late evening machine you’ll be put to sleep by the rhythmic rustling of tires.

“Room” under the bridge will give you a charming, albeit limited, view of the old city and several bridges over the river göta.

A good place to camp is next to the port. In addition to the Lodge in the form of benches at your disposal and a field storage system in the form of store stroller for shopping.

Sports fans are invited to stay two steps away from the sports arena. Dreams are memories of the most remarkable football matches are guaranteed! It is unlikely that other unusual hotels can say that.