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The most unusual hotels in the world

For quite some time hoteliers are trying to impress their experienced comfort potential customers. Every year, the world’s newest hotels, which would seem to be impossible even to imagine, not what to build: there are hotels made of salt, ice, and not so long ago it became known that soon will be built and hotel … underwater!

The wonder hoteliers?

To date, the most unusual appearance of the hotel was the hotels chain is a five star Fort of seasons, decided to open a hotel right in the … plane! Thus, travelers and tourists can at the same time and stay in comfortable room, and to make the necessary flights. Recently, the company was in possession of a brand new 757-Boeing Oh that experts have carefully converted into a hotel air. And in February two thousand and fifteenth year to stay in this hotel the air will be the first guests.

No less amazing for tourists the hotel was and the hotel made of ice. It is located in the Northern part of Switzerland, in the city of Kiruna. From here, guests can watch has different colors, sometimes unrealistically mesmerizing, the lights of the North. Every year, in order to build the hotel, from the depths of the river local builders producing about five thousand tons of pure ice. Then, after the main “building” of the hotel will be established to begin the work of its artists and designers, are unreal on the walls display beautiful patterns, and all the furniture and equipment directly from cut ice blocks.

Another interesting fact that even with this unbelievably huge mass of ice, the temperature in the “room” never descends lower than seven degrees Celsius. On the bed of each feature of the natural skins of animals, and rest for visitors only in thermal underwear, and early in the morning, after waking up, each resident will enjoy a hot sauna and a delicious Breakfast.

Jungles, caves and salt – the basic building materials for hotels

In the heart of the wild jungle, located in southern Chile, hotel in mountain, over which constantly swing the strongest waterfall. Water is everywhere – it constantly falls from Windows and walls (exterior) of the hotel, thus creating a relaxed, unique atmosphere of relaxation.

And everything inside is made in such a way that creates the impression that you are trapped in this sweet house of the magician – everything made of wood.

But to feel like a real man cave you can in a famous hotel called Kelebek – her room was located … in these caves. Almost all of the furnishings, the furniture in this wonderful hotel are carved from huge boulders, but the amenities here are also not forgotten.