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The most unusual hotels in the world

The most unusual hotels in the world

Travel always excite, provoke emotions and impressions. However, what is already spoiled tourist, for whom a trip, say to Turkey or Egypt became, as a campaign for bread. And already there is no surprise. For these conquerors of the universe hoteliers connect all their imagination and created such unusual hotels that exclaim: “wow!”

Ice Hotel de Glace in Canada. It consists entirely of ice! A stunner. It works only in winter, so we can plan a Christmas vacation in this wonder hotel. Every year it is rebuilt, using 500 tons of ice and 15 thousand tons of snow. For everything takes a little over a month.

There’s an ice cafe, a chapel for wedding ceremonies also made of ice, ice bar, where drinks are served in glasses…that’s right, ice, too! Do not be afraid that will turn into Kai from the snow Queen fairy tale. Freezing will not let you, because have to sleep in warm sleeping bags on ice beds.

The hotel certainly looks fabulous, with lighting, as if really were in a winter castle.

Relax in the ice world costs $ 220 per person per day.

To live in the castle – isn’t that a dream for many? Please, Château de Bagnols in France in Burgundy – what you need. This is a luxurious building of the early thirteenth century in the vicinity of the vineyards of the Beaujolais area, dense forests and green hills. Nowadays the castle is a magnificent five-star hotel, whose rooms are decorated Royal luxury. Here we have used materials from the best fashion houses of France, antique beds and paintings on the walls from the personal collection of the owners of the castle. Meal by the fireplace in the Gothic style, best French cuisine, a summer terrace – what else you need to feel like a king or a Princess! If you are planning a trip soon, be sure to read the article What to bring on a trip?

The Royal rooms cost from $ 800.

Crazy Bear – this is one of the most unusual hotels in the UK. That’s certainly the name speaks for itself – a crazy bear. Here fantasies and splashes: Teddy walls, rooms, bathroom next to the bed, champagne, which is poured straight from the tap, everywhere a song from steel, wood, doors sheathed with copper sheets. The rooms are decorated individually, there are, for example, a mint room, where the colors of the interior and an outdoor terrace allow to feel freedom and ease. And there is a black room, there is romance framed furniture of the 18th century. White room – solid minimalism. A snack is offered in two restaurants, serving excellent dishes of European and Thai cuisine.

To be in such a creative hotel, you should! And it costs about 720 dollars a day.

A great destination for the Dubai underwater hotel called Hydropolis Undersea Resort. It is located under water, to be precise, at 18 meters goes into the depth of the Persian Gulf. This is the first hotel that is rated as 10 star. And it’s hard to argue!

The building itself is made in the form of a submarine. All 220 rooms with glass walls and visitors can see everything that is happening in the Gulf. Seen lying on a bed at the sea life below.

Not deprived of hotel amenities, such as animation, laser shows, restaurants, boutiques and other luxury for lovers of comfortable holiday. Yes, it is the Arabs know a lot about luxury. So the numbers in this underwater hotels reach 5 thousand dollars a day.

Of course, there are those tourists who are bored with the standard of the hotel, however the noise and the pathos does not appeal to them. Want something unusual, but at the same time secluded. To merge with nature, to feel the pristine beauty of scenic places and breathe the freshest air. To have as few people as possible. Desire and vacationers can now bring to life.

Like you, for example eco-hotel, which is located in Canada? So I recommend to read the articles El Nido – the harmony of body and soul and to unexplored places of the Philippines

The name of this unusual hotel Algonquin Nordic Wilderness . This mountain hut, surrounded by a riot of greenery. The air is such that it intoxicates. Before we get into the room, tourists go, and who he wants and goes for about 2 miles through the Park, enjoying nature. Don’t worry, heavy bags to pull along will not have their staff take on.

Just imagine: you Wake up in the morning, open the window and see clean as a tear lake, near a roaring waterfall, if lucky will run past a mountain deer or elk. Inside the hotel is made entirely of wood.

Take your leisure time you can, ride on horseback, dog sledding, mountain Biking or Canoeing.

Price per room / person in summer, $ 140, while during high season (end July-August) $ 150.

Unusual and creative hotel was invented by the Arabs in the Arab Emirates. About the rest in the UAE, please click here .

Al Maha desert resort in Dubai – a place where you are offered to feel like a Bedouin. The ambiance created, as expected: camels, tons of bulk sand, creating a desert landscape, of course, to hide from the heat for tourists have created comfortable tents. Over the inner design has also worked on glory! Rooms abound with silk cushions, chintz draped ceilings, the highlight of the interior products of local craftsmen. Room categories – suites and suites.

To offer a refreshing dip in the cool pools, but to take yourself falconry, camel safaris or a trip to the SPA.

True, be on time to the Bedouin not cheap. The night in the Suite costs from $ 1000.

Who was in Indonesia, probably already appreciated the luxurious nature of this country. However, tourists often choose this resort, Bali. But there are also such places, which are no less striking in their splendor and in addition there are much less vacationers. So you can get a real relaxation.

The hotel Amanwana –which means peaceful forest. This cottage complex situated in the Bay of Islands Moyo among the tropical forest. A great place for those who are tired of city bustle and wants to be alone with your partner. Sea air, clean sea, abundance of greenery – feel like a real Robinson Crusoe, that’s just a tent where you offer to stay is much more luxurious and more comfortable than the hero of a novel by Daniel Defoe. The costs in this house from $ 900.

Another miracle – hotel-mill Bradford Old Windmill . located in the UK.

Hotel with an interesting history and legend, which beautifully tell the locals and the hotel owner will interest many lovers of unusual holiday. In addition to “spirits” and the ghosts who supposedly settled in the hotel, visitors waiting room, constructed of thick stone walls, rooms are designed in the Gothic style, equipped with modern appliances.

Candlelit dinner with champagne, basket of fruit at Breakfast – isn’t it romantic? While the vivid nature in these surroundings will make your stay truly unforgettable.

Prices start at 90 euros per night.

An interesting and unusual hotel in India, in Masinagudi. Creek n Crag’s apartments, which tower above the ground at 15 metres. The hotel is made of bamboo, bicici, surrounded by coffee plantations and wild forest. I have the feeling that someone built halabuda on the tree, and more fun to stay in such a hotel. Of course, a lot of rooms here not fit, only two of them. But spacious, with a Jacuzzi in the open air, and with traditional Indian interior.

On the verandas that overlook the water source, it’s great to watch the animals. Boars, deer, wild cats – they all come here to drink. And monkeys and they do become regular guests and neighbors tourists.

To diversify leisure can ride an elephant, take a tour to the nearest temple, coffee plantation or the reserve.

Cost: from $ 260.

Hotel Restaurant de Vrouwe van Stavoren in the Netherlands presented in the form of…wine barrels. Imagine you are inside a huge wine barrel, which has a bed, shower, bedside table – in General everything you need. And let the room decorated without unnecessary extravagance and luxury, but the feeling of being exactly where you are, gives an unforgettable experience. Outside the hotel grounds replete with flowers, herbs. There is a restaurant on the terrace serving excellent food.

Fun to spend the night in a barrel will cost you from $ 90 a day.

Actually in the world there are many unusual and creative hotels, having learned about which you want to drop everything and pack up to leave. And you can’t say you nothing to surprise! The universe is so huge, and the imagination of the people was so unlimited that the surprise is always there! But if this year you can’t go on a trip, arrange interesting activities in the city. This will help you tips from the article How to spend the summer in the city?