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The most unusual hotels in the world

Highest hotel in the world and the most expensive hotel. Burj Al Arab

This hotel known as “Hotel Sail”. It is the hallmark of the UAE. The rooms are all luxurious, and consequently their cost is high. In this hotel there is a wealthy people, politicians, world stars. Rooms have 2 floor, the smallest room is 170 square meters to stay in the hotel for one night, you will need to pay $ 1500. This hotel is considered to be 7 Zvezdochkin. Just go to the hotel, be sure to reserve a room in advance. Since the hotel has many restaurants, you can reserve a table, but the guard carefully checks to see when and who has reserved. Very rarely there is excursions. For wealthy people on the roof of the hotel has a takeoff ground. All rooms are equipped with the latest technology. The hotel has its own closed beach where towels, sun beds, umbrellas are free.

The largest hotel by number of rooms: Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, USA)

In this hotel you can find everything for lovers of excitement and luxury. The property features 1400 gaming machines and 139 gaming tables. Also the hotel has its own boutique selling cars, Lamborghini and Koenigsegg. The hotel 8108 rooms. Takie to pools and gidromassazhnyy. As for entertainment, you can see the famous Broadway show Jersey Boys.

The coldest hotel. The Ice Hotel (Jukkasjarvi, Sweden)

This hotel from real ice and is suitable for thrill-seekers and those looking for new impressed. On-site ice Hotel has a chapel in which to marry. The temperature is consistently 5 to 7 degrees, so it is recommended that guests sleep in special thermal bags. When spring comes, the hotel melts. Every year, he has a different interior, as reconstructed. Every morning guests are issued with a Cup of hot cranberry tea. It is recommended to stay in the ice hotel is not more than 1-2 nights, because you can catch cold. At the bar you can also drink vodka from ice shot glasses. In short, this hotel lives up to its name.

The oldest hotel: Hoshi Ryokan (Komatsu, Japan)

This hotel already receives guests in 1291! Ego date of Foundation dates back to the year 718. All this time it was ruled by one family dynasty, now it is 46 generation! This hotel survived the fall of emperors, ninjas, samurai, and 2 world wars. Feature of otela is the presence of large tubs in which water is fed from a hot spring. Price per night accommodation start from 580 USD, which includes lunch and Breakfast. The hotel is 100 rooms.

The most expensive hotel room: Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi (Athens, Greece)

The most expensive room in the hotel walnut is the Royal Villa. The price per day is $ 50,000. Guests who book this room have the services of a private Butler,pianist, chef. It also has a Spa pool, which offers views over the Aegean sea, and access to a private terrace. This room offers the services of a sightseeing tour around the Greek Islands on a private jet hotel.

The most eco-friendly hotel: Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa (Queensland, Australia)

This hotel is in the heart of the ancient Daintree rainforest. And meets all the criteria of ecology. It has its own farm to grow organic products and uses solar power. It features 15 villas. In 2007 he was awarded the title of environmental hotel of the world.

The highest altitude hotel: Hotel Everest View (Nepal)

The hotel, which is located on mount Everest in Nepal is the highest. Most likely it is designed for climbers, because you can get there only by helicopter, plus from the landing field to get to the hotel is about 45 minutes walk. The resort offers several mountain trails and an 8 day ascent of mount Everest. From the Windows of the hotel opens on the legendary mountain.

The most exclusive hotel

The most exclusive hotel in Prague. It is called Aria. The hotel is decorated in a musical style. Each room has a CD/DVD with the compositions of classical musicians. The hotel engaged the famous Italian designers.