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Most unusual hotels

Currently, the global network of hotels can satisfy every taste.

Tourists travelling in the Netherlands, in the Frisian Staveren you can spend the night in oak wine barrels, Lelystad to plunge into hoary antiquity, skorotat time in the rural courtyard of the bronze age, and in Assen (province of Drenthe) to spend the night in peat huts.

In the capital of the Netherlands is the highest in the world floating hotel. This comfortable five-storey “ship” flaniruet between the quays of Amsterdam and creates the illusion of sea travel.

There is an underwater hotel, located at the bottom of the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain. It consists of 6 buildings connected by original transitions. You can get inside in glass elevators, that bring exotics into the sea.

Like a hotel there and in Florida, only it is only for 6 people and it is considered the smallest in the world. Its total area is only 135 square meters.

Most users can be located in the national hotel complex “Izmailovo”, built in Moscow specifically for the Olympic games 1980, He was able to accommodate nine and a half thousand guests at a time.

In Singapore is the tallest hotel in the world – 73 of the floor.

In Port-of-Spain,the capital of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, a small hotel just for the thrill. It weighs on the edge of a cliff and accessible only through the roof.

And one of the Tokyo hotels with its 1,300 rooms offers the fastest service in the world. The maximum time you will spend on registration, payment, getting keys and stuff, is 45 seconds. Everything is done automatically by special monitors.

The most expensive in the world is a luxury room located in the main building of the hotel “Fairmont” in San Francisco. The hotel was built in 1927 and the cost of “luxury” is 6 thousand dollars a day, not counting taxes. The service is provided maid service, Butler and chauffeur.

At the confluence of the Rio Negro in the Amazon river, 55 km from the capital of the Amazon city of Manaus, the hotel “Rau jungle of Tawaf”. Wooden tower with the rooms situated on huge trees. The highest of them – a tower with rooms for honeymoon “in Love with Tarzan” – raised above the ground at 60 m. This unusual location is due to several reasons. First – in the rainy season, which lasts from April to September, the space under the towers at 15-20 meter depth filled with water. Second – beasts. And third, the most important of Western “green”, – careful attitude to the nature: when the hotel construction was not cut down a single tree. Tower, meeting hall and restaurant are interconnected by suspended walkways. Below them is a swamp with piranhas, flying leeches, crocodiles. Western tourists love to stay in this hotel and even risk a dip in the shallow pool. Visited here and VIP guests: bill Clinton, presidents and Prime Ministers of all Latin American countries. But the Russians more than two days do not stay here. Play with monkeys, swim in a pirogue to tour the jungles and Indian village, will catch a few piranhas, will take part in the night hunting for the crocodile and run away from the green hell.

Another unusual hotel of the world – Treetops Hotel (“the Hotel on the tops of the trees”) is located in one of the natural parks of Kenya. It was in this hotel in 1952, Elizabeth II learned that the Queen of England. The uniqueness of the hotel is that it is literally standing on the tops of the trees, and from its Windows you can observe wild animals gather at the watering hole. Australia is proud to be an underwater hotel on the Great Barrier reef: guest rooms, located below sea level, allow you to admire the stunning underwater landscapes.

In Japan too there are some very unusual hotels. The room of one of them, independent Capsule Hotel (capsule hotel), really resemble capsules or canisters – space without Windows is approximately 1.2 metres by 2.2 metres, in which of furniture there was only a bed a bedside table with a TV on button which you can press, not getting out of bed. Such hotels are popular among people who need to catch up on sleep, or among business travelers, who believe that Tokyo expensive hotels they can not afford.

The highest hotel in the world nests on one of the ridges of the Himalayas at a height of 13 thousand feet (foot = 30.48 cm). In good weather, offers a spectacular view of Everest. Usually due to the height of 80% of the guests suffer from nausea, headaches and insomnia. Not surprisingly, the most popular order room service – oxygen ($1 per minute).

Lovers of this peaceful vacation more prefer boutique hotels. Appearing in Miami, then they became widespread in the U.S. and in other countries, in particular in the UK. This small accommodation facilities (up to 150 rooms), creating an intimate chamber atmosphere. Under the boutique hotels are often used mansions in the historic cities. Their architectural shape, covered with a thin poetry and comfort harmoniously combined with the refinement of interior. Striking elegance of the interiors, each with its unique style and decoration. They are often decorated with furniture and Antiques, and handmade items.

Not only a unique artistic appearance and pleasant atmosphere distinguish the boutique hotels in several hotel companies. Another advantage is the good food. Issues dining here is paid special attention. Boutiques usually have no restaurants, not to disturb the home atmosphere. The food is served directly in the rooms. But it is the culinary art, many of them owe their fame. Boutique hotels are increasingly choosing to stop political and public figures, movie stars.