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The most expensive hotels of Turkey

Traditionally a holiday in Turkey is renowned for warm waters, varied cuisine, historic tours, combining the interweaving of several cultures and their history.

Every year, thousands of Turkey hotels invite tourists from all over the world to relax on its territory. And to make a choice in favor of one of them sometimes very difficult. Someone prefers to choose a holiday in Turkey because of its cost and visa availability, someone from the diversity of hotels of all categories. But more and more tourists prefer hotels of a premium class with high ratings, and the cost and quality of services in these expensive hotels. As a rule, the level of prestige of the hotel is created on the basis of his rating, created by the tourists in these hotels and their feedback about the level of service in such places.

All tourist resorts in the Turkish industry activities are located on the coasts of the Black sea, Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean in cities-resorts. Such resort towns in Turkey quite a lot. but the most expensive hotels with the highest level of service located in the districts of Bodrum, Belek, Kemer, Antalya and some other.

Hotel Attaleia Shine Tennis Golf & SPA Luxury Hotel 5*

Located in Belek on the Mediterranean sea. The hotel area is 80000 m2, which is Turkish for telesreda value. The hotel is put into operation not so long ago, in 2008. Facilities are great, several pools, including for children, the proximity to the sea. The interior can be called luxurious, plenty of expensive furniture, equipment and interior accessories that make the appearance of the hotel is just gorgeous.

However, reviews had time to relax in this complex tourists, very unflattering. Most pleased with the appearance, but the big criticism is with the service, Many tourists are dissatisfied with the service, food, animation, which is exactly why and going to Turkey. This may be because very common for Turkish service, new hotel.

Voyage Belek 5*, Belek

Has a relatively small area of 93000 m2, very green and cozy. The hotel was commissioned in 2007 but has already managed to prove themselves well. Its territory is everything that should be in hotels of this class, but to this is added a small water Park at the children’s pool. that will help make the selection of your brood in favor of Voyage Belek 5*.

Accommodation is provided in the main buildings of five floors and 12 bungalows. And the numbers in the main body of the quality superior bungalows, which are cheaper. The interior is very high quality and comfortable, furniture and decoration materials is not impress with their luxury, but are a measure of restraint and stylishness of the interior. Basically, the hotel is worthy of its class and the tourists who visited his negativity is not received. There are flaws in the work of the staff, but it comes down to mentality. The biggest drawback for Russian tourists may be the fact that the staff prefers holidaymakers from Turkey and Western Europe.

Adam & Eve 5*

Speaking of hotels Belek it is impossible to ignore the new, stylish and unusual in all respects of the hotel complex Adam & Eve 5*. Style and difference from other traces in everything from the huge white room, minimally loaded furniture, to the large swimming pool and bar, made in red.

This hotel is designed for young couples, vacationers without children. although there are children’s entertainment, and the hotel begins to position itself as a family. This hotel is perfect for a romantic and bustling recreation of wealthy people. The abundance of discos and parties will be proof of that. Most of the tourists as the advantages of the hotel emphasize its stylishness and originality in everything from the interior to the service. But the downside of acts, as always, the staff working in the service industry and tourist services.

Mardan Palace Hotel 5*, Antalya

New hotel, built in the spirit of luxury and wealth. Many compare it with the city, because the hotel area is huge 195000m2. The hotel has its own coral reef, which is inhabited by stingrays and more than 1,500 thousands of tropical fish. In the centre the hotel is the huge pool, comparable in scale to the Olympic, over which is thrown a magnificent bridge, called the Da Vinci bridge.

Each room combines luxurious materials and modern content, some rooms have a private steam room. The hotel features 10 a la carte restaurants offering cuisine from different countries with the most expensive and varied. The whole hotel is imbued with the spirit of luxury and wealth, while the stay itself, but rather a secular, not a beach, because is designed for people with very high incomes. Yes and a few reviews about this show.

Vogue Hotel Avantgarde 5*, Kemer

A new hotel opened in may 2009 and having the territory of 135000 m2, on which there are several swimming pools, football fields and tennis courts. As always in the hotels of 5 stars a wide network of domestic services such as Laundry, Barber, medical office, car rental, etc. The interior of the hotel corresponds to its level, quality and expensive furniture, luxurious interior design, original and comfortable rooms.

Opinions of travelers that shape the rating of the hotel, agree that the territory and the beach is quite comfortable, but the service and food do not reach the level of a five star hotel. with such a high cost, but unpretentious tourists will be satisfied with the time spent at the hotel Vogue Hotel Avantgarde 5*.

Rixos Premium Bodrum 5*

Located in Bodrum, like all five star hotels of luxury, on the beach, in a pine forest. The area of 187000 m2. A characteristic feature of all the hotels Rixos Premium – quality, luxury, and the high cost of staying in these hotels only reinforces their elitism. No exception and Rixos Premium is located in Bodrum. It highlights the coziness, accuracy and reasonableness of the territory and a high level of service.

All of this notice and tourists who prefer for the past few years this hotel. The main argument in favor of the hotel is the cleanliness and attractiveness of the territory and rooms, commendable service, and high quality and variety of food. The stay in this hotel prefer couples with children and young people as the hotel can satisfy the needs of all categories of tourists. One of the drawbacks is called unstable level of quality of staff depending on the season. Hotels Rixos Premium lines are also in Belek and Kemer, and they all correspond to his rank hotels in the luxury class.

In addition to the system of stars, corresponding to class of the hotel, there is also a system or HV Holiday Village, designed to match the level of service at hotels, with the quality of the inventory only bungalows, two -, three – or four-storey houses with separate entrance to each room. These hotels in Turkey are many, and to understand which one matches the premium class by their numbering.

HV hotels – hotels luxury

HV-1 correspond to the level of 5 stars, if you will meet HV-2, then rest assured that above 4 stars you get. In any case, going on vacation and looking for an expensive hotel. you should pay attention not only on the number of stars, but also on reviews of tourists who visited this hotel before you. Because the level of service in Turkish hotels is directly dependent upon the staff that is not permanent and can change from year to year.

Generally, vacation experience depend only on tourists themselves, on how sensitive they are to every detail and flaw. Therefore, the concentration, and finding bugs can ruin the time and staying at the most expensive and prestigious hotel, friendly people and a smile can work wonders in any corner of the world.