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The most expensive hotels in the world

Going on a journey, choose your hotel carefully, because entertainment and new places is great, but a good rest – priceless.We offers only the highest quality holidays at affordable prices. A pleasant weekend at the hotel you will remember for a long time, especially if it is the most expensive hotel in the world. of course, it hard to get and he’s just luxurious, queues lining up for a few months in advance. He is the most expensive hotel in the world?

Excellent relaxation hotel Villa cosy is for you and your family. The perfect holiday will give the red glade.

We have a unique ranking. This hotel is located in Greece and offers its services for the incredible sum of $50,000 in one night. But, you have all kinds of entertainment – heated pool, private beach, wonderful sea views and luxurious decor of the Suite, a private Butler, chef or pianist, and is the most modern design, and Suite to your taste. they may even slightly change the interior if you want it. There you can taste expensive dishes, created especially for you, wine collection, and everything you desire will be yours for one night.

Of course, it is possible to live longer and the truth will be enough money? Royal Villa. Grand Resort Lagonissi – so called the most expensive hotel in the world. Well, I would like there to relax and swim on a private beach, fenced from prying eyes. Second-dearness – Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort. There is a little less than $40000 per night. This is truly the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas. Well, you will have a rotating bed, a huge room with views of the most luxurious casinos. There you can rent a pool, which is 700 000$, and acts as a console over a part of Las Vegas. Not too bad. Here you are also offer the services of a personal Butler and chef. There are so many interesting things in the world – one has only to look at.