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The rating of hotels with ghosts

The rating of hotels with ghosts. Where to relax and to see the cast

The question of the existence of ghosts did not rise, they are with us on this earth. Another thing – why they occur, over them unsuccessfully struggling scientists around the world. I believe that the Ghost is a spiritual remnant of a living creature, an emotion that remained on earth, and not gone into the other world.

In the world there are several places that passed through its enormous amount of emotion. One of them is of. Hotels and resorts daily see the unrestrained joy of honeymooners and families on vacation, everyday desperation of entrepreneurs from living out of a suitcase. Prostitutes, drug addicts, schizophrenic geniuses, murders, suicides, heart attacks, Dating, controversy – inside the hotel daily individual drama played out. Not surprisingly, the emotion of the person in the form of a Ghost stays where it has been actualized.

Below are ten hotels in the world, among the inhabitants of which are not living entities.

This place since the completion of the building was a haven for artists, writers, poets and musicians, and, as we know, personality, emotional. Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose, roams the hotel corridors. Company musician are Dylanthomas poet, playwright Eugene o’neill and novelist Thomas Wolfe, who lit mysterious lights, terrorize the guests, and doing everything else that we call paranormal.

Under the Parking lot of this hotel were found the remains of Richard III, worse, on the spot where stands the building that once was condemned and beheaded Mary Stuart. It is interesting that the builders have retained the hotel’s original staircase of oak, which when Maria was walking to their own execution. Probably, the emotions of this significant historical personality remains on the earth, because the guests will not have seen coming down the stairs the Ghost of a woman, systematically moves the furniture, and the portrait of Mary falls from the wall.

This hotel served as home to many aristocratic families of Rome. Such heritage could not leave your shadow. Guests and hotel employees claim that the building is haunting at least three ghosts, in particular restlessness the spirit of the mad Emperor Nero. Moreover, guests see at night, the ghosts of racing horses.

Queen Mary had previously been the ocean liner for transatlantic travel, where frequent guests were dignitaries and celebrities. The second world war made military boat liner, but later, the Queen Mary embarked on a permanent Parking lot in California. On the liner not once killed people, in particular, the two men were crushed by a door in the engine room. Today around the pool you will notice the ghosts of women in bathing suits of the thirties, the mysterious guest calling subscribers, and at night heard the cries of the unfortunate children.

The Japanese have always been serious about their ghosts, and this hotel looks like a house from a fairy tale. Terrible tales. The fact that the hotel appears a scary Ghost that looks like a normal person. Once you approach it you will see what I was up against – you will be greeted by a completely empty and white face. Moreover, visitors to the hotel claim that at night they felt the touch of ghostly hands to yourself. Apparently, the terrible spirit of sad to wander around the hotel alone, so he wakes guests.

Located high in the mountains Fairmont Banff Springs Hotels is reminiscent of a beautiful medieval castle in the wilderness. Managers categorically deny any ghostly activity in the hotel, however, real-life stories abound. One Ghost belongs to a young man who died in an accident just before you approach the altar to get married with his fiancée. Another spirit is owned by an elderly bellhop, who until his death worked at the hotel. Guests say, gray-haired bellhop helping them, but disappears before visitors give him a tip. This is such a love for his work.

When Sydney was under the control of the British colony, the Russell Hotel has divided the country this dark time. During an epidemic of smallpox and plague, fatal diseases, the hotel served as a hospital, it later became a bunkhouse and hostel for sailors. At least one Ghost of a sailor refuses to leave the building. In one of the rooms of the different guests always see the same thing when you Wake up the dark mass, looming over the bed and looking at people from above. Other guests say about what was seen in the main hall go the ghosts of prostitutes.

It is rumored that the Grand Hyatt Hotel was built on the territory which during the second world war served as a Japanese army camp. The earth was so poisoned by the death and despair that paranormal phenomena moved to a modern building. Locals avoid this place like the plague. Even action star Jackie Chan reported the collision of his retinue with a real Ghost. Desperate managers of the hotel were forced to turn to the experts of Feng Shui that have tried to do everything to scare away the spirits.

Once the building belonged to the family Show. The head of the family James was unhappy with his wife for infidelity or infertility, and imprisoned her in a high tower that the woman died there of starvation. Isabel, wife of James, jumped out the window and fell to his death. Today, her Ghost walks the castle and knocks on doors to guests. Rumor has it that the Ghost of the head of the family wanders through the hotel, as the man was poisoned in his own house.

The peace of this hotel violates weeping Adda, who regularly bumps into people in the lobby, she was dressed in the style of the mid-19th century. Moreover, the guests see the Ghost of a gray-haired old woman in a black dress, a ghostly couple, holding hands. Guests sometimes feel misplaced smell of cigarette smoke and women’s perfume. The most fun is the Ghost of a young hippy who runs through the corridors and disappearing in the walls. Hippies-phantom of the Joker, he often pulls down the blanket with unsuspecting guests.