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Vacation is not far off

Opens the list of the largest hotel in the world by number of rooms. It is Malaysia called First World Hotel.

The complex consists of two 28-storey towers, it has 6118 rooms, 11 restaurants and several small cafes and bars. It was opened in 2000 and until 2008 was also believed to be the world’s largest hotel by area.

But two years ago it was ahead of the newly built Palazzo in Las Vegas.

Hotel Al Maha Desert Resort: stylized camp of Bedouins, the first in the UAE the project of ecological tourism. It was created in 1999 in order to present the country with its natural side – the famous Arabian desert, sand dunes and the dunes, Bedouins, camels, nature reserve of 200 sq km, and this oasis of exoticism and relaxation, which can be reached only by jeep 45 minutes from Dubai. This five-star hotel really is a connection with nature, it is possible to plunge into the eternal mystery of the desert Sands, to see how the Bedouins live, to see the beautiful reserve of the world located around the oasis.

City hotel Propeller Island in Berlin is distinguished by the fact that the hotel has 31 rooms are not numbered, and the hotel itself is named in accordance with its design.

In hotel Propeller Island, you can choose a coffin to sleep in it, or king, or porazitelnuyu room. The hotel feature rooms with sloping floors, wavy walls and hanging beds.

In Bolivia there is a place where you can stay overnight in the hotel of salt blocks.

It is noteworthy that beds of salt blocks are very well hold heat, and at night they are very hot. Salt build everything: chairs, tables, beds, walls, floors.

A former monastery on the banks of the Loire in France was turned into a four-star hotel Les Hautes Roches. 12 of the 15 rooms are located inside a rock. Bar and restaurant are also located in the cave.

In Sweden since 1991 every year with the cooperation of the architect with the role Rasanen built the Ice Hotel, a hotel made of ice and snow with a restaurant, a bar, a cinema, a Church with an icy plunge pool and an art gallery. Spacious rooms, all iced and decorated with sculptures of pure and transparent ice, equipped with all comforts, including a TV and a tape recorder.

In the Swiss Alps, tourists can stay in one of five hotels Igloo villages where every room is an Igloo – a house made of snow blocks. Sleeping travelers offer on the mattress, covered with sheep skins. In addition it offers the special sleeping bags that can keep you warm at temperatures down to -40°C.

The ugliest hotel in North Korea. According to several publications, including tourism and real estate, Ryugyong Hotel really is the most ugly in the world. This gray 105-story skyscraper made of cement rises over Pyongyang at 330 meters. In 2008, he began his reconstruction, so there is reason to believe that the building will become more attractive.

The hotel Everland is a mobile module that is installed on the roof of any (or almost any) favorite building. Thus, it is possible to combine a panoramic view of the metropolis evening with the mobility inherent in mobile homes. At the moment, the hotel Everland is located in Paris.

The small Swiss town of Sevelen, in the Canton of St. Gallen, became widely known thanks to the Null Stern Hotel 0* (no star or zero-star), “Hotel zero stars”. In this hotel, separate rooms, Windows, hanging from the ceiling existing ductwork, shared bathroom turned into a fountain.

Kultur Insel Einsiedel in Germany attracts guests who are attracted by rope bridges and castles with ghosts.

So, according to the artist, will look like a room in an underwater hotel “Poseidon Resort”. The project, worth 40 million dollars, will give visitors the opportunity to see the underwater world. It is assumed that night under water will cost 1,500 thousand dollars. The hotel will be located in the Bahamas at a depth of 15 meters.