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Hotel Ritz Paris

Did you know that the Ritz Paris is the capital of France is the same legend as the Champs Elysees or the Eiffel tower? The hotel can rightly be called the most romantic in France. In addition, it also symbolizes luxury. It’s about this French hotel Hemingway responded: “When I dream of a life in heaven after death, then every time the action takes place at the Ritz”.

Founded the Ritz in 1898 in Paris. Cesar Ritz, the famous hotel magnate of all time, became its founder. The opening of this hotel was the most important event for all of Paris. It is symbolic of the fact that it was built in a former banking house. Since then, the word “Ritz” has become synonymous with the word “luxury”.

It is not excluded, what exactly thanks to this hotel, the Caesar Ritz was awarded the title of “king of hoteliers”. Moreover, a couple of years English language was enriched with a new adjective “ritzy” meaning fashionable and elegant.

It was the brainchild of the advanced school for its time: here each room had a bathroom and all floors were equipped with electricity. Of course, nowadays everything is considered normal, but the charm and luxury of the hotel Ritz continues to impress to this day.

H?tel Ritz, right the heart of Paris, to be exact – at the place vendôme. This is a luxury building on the century has seen the odious politicians, recognized geniuses, monarchs, billionaires, movie stars and rebels. This hotel is the famous Coco Chanel spent a third of his life. Only during the Second World war, when the Ritz was occupied by the Germans, Coco Chanel changed their luxury accommodation for a more modest. It is also worth noting that after the liberation of Paris, Coco Chanel was hiding in the Ritz hotel his Russian German dancer and lover of Serge Lifar.

In addition, the Paris hotel is also known as last visited by Princess Diana. From there popular English Princess went into death race with the paparazzi. The great tragedy and the great stories are an important part of the appearance of French legend.

At different times in apartments at stopped: the kings of Sweden, Spain and Portugal, the Shah of Iran, the Prince of Wales. Also the hotel has always been a source for artists.

In our day rooms H?tel Ritz take the whole color of the political and artistic elite. To inquire about the cost of a room at this hotel, means to show “mouvais ton”. We can give you an example of the approximate cost of a single room at the Ritz. She is 1300-1500 per person in low season for three nights.

The Paris hotel has at its disposal several luxury rooms that are dedicated to legendary visitors. There are “suites” of Elton John, Chopin, Hemingway and Coco Chanel. Want to know how much “night” in this room? The cost of one night is an average of three thousand Euro.

The cost of the hotel rooms is not the only cash record at. Only here you will be able to order the most expensive cocktail in the world. Its price is about 228 pounds. It is worth noting that it’s called The Sidecar.

The elegant decor of the rooms at the Ritz combines exquisite fabrics, noble materials, harmonious furnishings and the corresponding tone of the XVIII century with modern equipment. It should be noted that the exquisite décor is matched individually for each room.

No doubt, the Ritz is famous not only for its many rooms. There is also the world’s best French restaurant L Espadon. The restaurant was founded by Auguste Escape, the legendary cook. If you want to visit Paris and taste the most delicious local delicacies, be sure to go to L Espadon.

This “charm” is not the end. The Ritz hotel is a large hotel complex, which includes four bars, a cooking school, a nightclub. swimming pools, gym and Turkish bath and sauna.

Why the Ritz is so popular? Actually a lot of secrets: the delights of gastronomy, the excellence of service, the location next to fashion houses and famous jewelry stores. By the way, the restaurant L Espadon has recently adopted its new chef Michel Roth. In addition, it arranges dance nights, which are famous all over the world.

Ritz Paris is the only hotel with a cooking school. Even here, guests can enroll in gourmet cuisine, The Ritz Escoffier.

Caesar Ritz had and have every reason to be proud of your precious child. The Ritz is the hotel-legend, which combines English comfort and French style.