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Paris. Hotel Le Bristol

During my last trip to Paris I was lucky enough to be a guest of 3 wonderful Carpets.

Read: palaces.

Their hotels certainly not name – everything is too perfect.

Start with Le Bristol hotel..Loved Putin and movie stars. For dinner from Eric Frechon here often comes Sarkozy, and on Saturdays in the spacious lounge various celebrities drink English tea and watch the passing parade.

To immediately understand What we are talking about – I recommend to learn the address of the hotel. Longest 112, rue du Faubourg Saint Honore means close proximity to the Elysee Palace (house number 55), the snobbish environment of the antique shops and boutiques (Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lacroix, etc), absolute safety and aristocratic silence. Because money likes silence.

Minimum price per night within the walls of Le Bristol begins with a three-digit 600 euros. Room with 2 bedrooms and 2 salons asks for himself than 12,600 euros rather underestimate themselves – the Royal Suite is extremely popular and requires reservations well in advance.

Let’s see, how is life in Bristol?

Almost like home

Smiling when the Butler opens the door, the first thing that rushes into the eyes of flowers. Luxury, brazenly blazing red, they Shine a fresh and innocent look from all sides.

The huge space of light, delicate as frantsuzskimi, marble, and gigantic tapestries – pompous, arrogant masterpieces, often preferring to live in museums.

The girl from reception kindly asked for my passport and understanding: “Among our guests a lot of politicians. Be kind, take only if no one is around”.

“Oui, oui, comprendre”– what else is there to say?

Right at the front Desk is reclined cat. This Pharaoh – fluffy and blue-eyed Burmese, received the Bristol registration and universal love.

The owners are doing everything possible so that guests feel at home. And what, say, a cozy home but without the cat?

By the way, about the owners.

All this beauty Madame Oetker – happy heiress, a family that feeds the world pizza Yes watered wine. The celebrated “Bristol” in Paris, exactly like the other 3 luxury hotel business further, “for the soul”.

How to even mental business family clearly understands.

300 employees at the smiling wholeheartedly, and professionalism shown neatly and quietly.

I sit down in the lounge to drink tea – the magazine on the table here, go out in the evening for a cocktail – the towels in the bathroom become fresh, night lights lit, and one of the skeins of silk pillows appears its intoxicating aroma of black chocolate.


All rooms are unique and individual – despite the common logic of design, padding, colors, the wall prints are different everywhere. Like the view from the window. I was lucky – my Windows faced the inner garden. The birds singing and the smell of magnolias is clearly a good start to the day.

Bath “Bristol” — another pride and glory. They are some of the biggest in Paris, and it seemed to me and the marble. Solid white Carrara stone.


A small, unfamiliar with the intense training and stress, the pool created for living idly and enjoying. The temperature there is always +28, and around the wood – dark teak.

The design of the room did Professor Pine – the one who created a yacht that Onassis.


The hotel features 2 restaurants.

Modest in name — 112, Faubourg (the address hotel) — immodestly feeds the culinary masterpieces of celebrities and hotel guests.

In the morning Breakfast is served. No buffet. All delicately and exquisitely on the menu.

Options for every taste: truly French – coffee, jam, croissant, rich in calories and variety of the American version and Japanese – miso soup, teriyaki and the iodine of seaweed.

The second restaurant on the walk of fame has 3 Michelin stars and Erica Frechon at the helm.

Come here in the temple, and eat with reverence. One of the regular guests – Nicolas Sarkozy — it is here announced serious intentions with regard to Carla Bruni.

Fashionable tea party

The lounge is beautiful at any time of the day or year.

Flappy bartenders, the finest porcelain and the smell of expensive tea, sparkling gold champagne and his Majesty


However, on Saturdays the school is not only fashionable, but also Haute couture. From 15.30 to 17.00 under cakes taste light and fragrant tea invited make shopping models are walking right between the tables,and a casual leading designers add new products, client wardrobe.

It turns out, shopped in the old days..