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Rest in Abkhazia

Abkhazia – an ideal place for families with children, noisy cheerful company. Here everyone will find rest to taste and price. Abkhazia offers a wide variety of hotels, Inns, boarding houses and sanatoriums.

The Hotel “ARSTA”

On our planet there are some corners, like they were drawn by an artist. The most pure colors and unique inspiration used when creating them. So masterpieces are born. Miracle Abkhazia, because the small area contains everything that you can imagine — mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests. Today, the rest in Abkhazia attracts a lot of people, because every visitor finds in this country that have been looking for — beautiful scenery and welcoming residents.

It’s hard to find the best places for resort. On one side is a warm Black sea, with another — the high Caucasus mountains. They protect the coast from the North winds and create a subtropical climate on the coast. So today, Abkhazia holiday offers from early spring to autumn.

Due to the location of the country, there is growing tropical vegetation. Pribrejnaya gradually rises to the mountains and changing climate — from subtropical to Arctic, which is also unique. It turns out that this is a country of contrasts, especially in value, as it offers Abkhazia the holiday price which will be lower than in Sochi.

If you will be flying on the plane, you will see a lot of green on top and blue lakes. The heritage of these places are considered historic parks and gardens. They are growing pine trees which in the summer heat emit into the air a large amount of nutrients. So, if you are interested in Abkhazia, holidays with children are possible. Phytoncides have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and the metabolism of the child.

From the peaks of the Caucasus to the coast, rivers flow, in which the fish — trout and salmon. In Abkhazia, some 180 mountain lakes and the most beautiful of them all, the Ritz. Located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level tours to Abkhazia include a trip to this lake. It is blue, but its color changes several times a year. This is because changing the composition of algae living in the Ritz. The water is very cold and clean, but to get to him, tourist is a beautiful Bzyb gorge.

Everyone who comes here, take the resorts of Abkhazia, where all conditions for recreation. Clean air, pine parks and a rich entertainment programme awaits everyone. For those who want to combine rest with treatment, are sources of mineral waters, treating diseases of the digestive system. In addition, resorts offer Abkhazia baths, inhalation and massage.

Many of them are located in the famous resort in Gagra. They are all surrounded by parks and in the Arsenal of these hospitals – hydrogen sulfide baths, massages, remedial gymnastics. All the resorts have guarded beaches and Parking. For those who have determined that treatment will be suitable Abkhazia, Gagra will be the best option.

Many, going on vacation, want to explore the country and surroundings on your own. They buy the guide, and day after day visiting the monuments, walking through the parks. Such a “wild” rest gives them pleasure. As a place of residence they choose of Abkhazia and this is convenient, because immediately after buffet Breakfast you can go for the whole day. To visit, for example, the new Athos cave or Crow, a depth of 2000 m.

And you can walk on the New Athos. It is an ancient city where the ruins of the middle Ages. Besides hotels, accommodation at competitive prices offer hotels Abkhazia . Lots of those in Pitsunda resort with the most mild climate. The mountains here recede from the coast, so the air is not as damp as everywhere else. In addition, a growing grove of centuries-old pine trees, which makes the air salubrious. A small lake on a promontory will attract fishermen, but if you already guessed that for hunting also good Abkhazia, Pitsunda is for you because in the reeds around the lake are many ducks.

To complete the picture of relaxation only a story about the local wines, which has absorbed not only the heat of the sun, but also the soul of the people, its culture. Where wine, there’s bound to be a barbecue and lots of greenery. So the name is on vacation in Abkhazia pictures and a rich palette of emotions!