hotel rest room rooms

An unusual hotel-prison

The thing is that in that building, which now houses the hotel, formerly a prison, and in the design of the hotel, the interior of the institution, to the extent possible, been retained.

So create a place, unique in its kind – an excellent quality hotel, but with its own unique twist. The atmosphere inside is very positive, all reminders about the historical past of the building is done carefully and tastefully.

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The prison building is an architectural monument and is under state protection, so that the hotel cares about the integrity of the external design, for example the area around here is such a charming brick fence

The building itself is also of red brick, with small Windows, so that its former purpose can be guessed already by appearance, at least St. Petersburg “Crosses” look very similar.

The corridors in the building are wide, in the middle of the through opening on all floors, on each side – rooms,

and between floors – metal stairs

Well and generally, all kinds of metal structures in the interior missing

Our room

The doors to the rooms also made of metal and are located in niches, which is also unusual for a hotel

Of course, the camera sizes were quite small, so one room consists of three or four former cells, inside is spacious and cozy. The Windows are small and near the ceiling, but light enough

In the room besides the bed there is an armchair and sofa,

as well as a work Desk and a TV

The bathroom has another window, a reminder that when there was a camera


At a time when we lived in the hotel, the main restaurant, located on the ground floor was being renovated

and we had Breakfast in another room, the size and shape of the Windows, resembling a chapel

Breakfast too is stylized as a prison theme. Not in terms of food, of course – the selection here is pretty good, but in terms of interior design – the wooden tables, and tableware – metal

Also another cafe is located on the street, in the courtyard

In good weather there is very cool


BW Premier hotel Katajanokka – it’s certainly an unusual hotel with its own charm, a good choice for those who are accustomed to high standards, but it wants to feel the special atmosphere and endeavour to obtain to stay in a hotel for more experience.

Well, if you enjoy this style, then at the reception you can buy Souvenirs – t-shirts prison,

cap, handcuffs with chains, etc.