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Unusual hotels of the world

Unusual hotels of the world

Capsule hotel

At the time, like most owners of Japanese hotels are trying to attract visitors with new and new services, one clever person came up with the idea to go in the opposite direction, – that is to reduce services to a minimum, and what is left to offer for a small price.

Capsule hotel like usual, but only. without rooms. It is a long corridor, the walls of which two rows are hatches leading into the tiny hole. These hotels are located only in major cities and are designed for people, stay late at work (or the bar) and late for the last train. Tired of life ordinary employees, reluctantly, to remain in such hotels, as taxi home will cost much more sleep.

Experts say that in the chamber-coffin to sleep much easier than in a cardboard box on the street, especially in winter. This is, perhaps, hard to argue. Surprisingly, this seems to be a fruitful idea – to put people on boxes – so anywhere else in the world never caught on. Therefore, coming to Japan, don’t miss the chance to experience an unforgettable experience, and definitely spend the night in a Tokyo hotel Shinjuku Capsule Hotel, where a bed costs only $40 per night (of course, if you do not suffer from an acute form of claustrophobia and don’t tend to jump dramatically at night).

Boat house

Hotel in Thailand on the small island of Koh Samui is nothing like the former 30 barges for the transportation of rice. On this island there are two ways to run a ship: sea – through transparent waves of the Gulf of Thailand, and land – hotel “Imperial boat house”. It was a good idea to make old barges in a luxury Bungalow, the result exceeded all expectations. Imagine the scene: in the midst of the coconut trees handsome ships cut the nose of lush vegetation. Reddish teak panel in harmony with the surrounding colors. And the white sand beach is right there, behind the palm trees.

Inside the barge is finished as a presidential Suite. Here comfort and pleasure yachts, and rustic charm of the wood paneled rooms.

At night you imagine that you in the open sea, you hear the sound of the waves and the sea breeze postavlyaet the curtain on the window of the cabin. For the full experience, not enough pitching, right palm somehow stand in one place.

Breakfast can be enjoyed on the deck that adjoins the room. Deck overlooks a huge swimming pool of the hotel, also having the shape of a ship.

The Hemp Hotel

Among the associations with Holland “grass” firmly occupies the first place. If you don’t want to part with this product day or night, you direct road to The Hemp Hotel (in an approximate translation means “Hotel name Hemp”). According to the owners, it offers not debauchery and vulgarity, but quite the opposite: peace and relaxation. Guests can try ice cream from hemp, 11 kinds of hemp beer, wine, cider and soft drinks. Each room is styled in the spirit of the Indian, Afghan, Tibetan and Caribbean cultures. The price ranges from 50 to 70 euros per night. This price includes a Breakfast of hemp muffins or pancakes, orange juice, tea or coffee.

The Hotel Arau Jungle Tower

Rogner Bad Blumau

Desert Cave Hotel

Australian town called Coober Pedy, “opal capital of the world”, constantly attracting tourists from all over the world. But apart from this beautiful mineral continued popularity and have always enjoyed strange, in the European view, the homes of local residents — dhauti (dugouts), resembling dug-outs in which the natural temperature control. Here she rests all the year round at the level from 22 to 26 ’C. Maybe these dugouts would have remained unrated if an enterprising gentleman named Umberto Coro began the construction of the world’s first underground hotel, which was opened in 1988. As they say, those who dared to spend the night here, it was one of the most tranquil and peaceful dreams. Specifically for the claustrophobic in the hotel in addition to 19 underground rooms and 31 “on the ground”.

Das Park, Austria

In the center of the Austrian city of Linz is the Das Park hotel (“Park Hotel”), the Creator of which, a young, but very ambitious architect Andreas Strauss (Andreas Strauss), brought to the river Bank sewer, ennobled them and now invites them to spend the night in everyone. Rooms designed for two people, without any comforts, except beds, bedside tables and lamps. Importantly, the price for staying at this hotel appoints resident. The project organizer is confident that the hotels of the pipes, whose total length is 2 meters and weighs 9 tons, will soon find its fans and will take its place in the parks of many European countries.

Dog Bark Park, USA

The hotel, located in the U.S. state of Idaho, apparently, will appeal to fans of dog breed Beagle. It is notable primarily for being built in the form of man’s best friend. First opened in 1997, the hotel is never empty: the rooms here are booked months before check-in. Guests claim that the best to sleep in a small bedroom, located right in the dog’s face. For guests not bored, they devised a variety of training workshops: how to bake bread, make soap, improve your photography skills and even how to write a business plan. All rooms at the hotel are two – storey and is located in the lobby, a special workshop layouts dogs, many of which are made of expensive breeds of a tree. The original idea of creating a hotel-dogs owned by famous married couple Denis Saliana (Dennis J. Sullivan) and Frances Conklin (Frances Conklin).

Hotel de Glace, Canada

The hotel is located in the canadian city of Quebec and famous, it consists completely of ice. Opens its doors for the visitors of Hôtel de Glace from January to March. If someone thinks that this is another work of art that can give pleasure only to the curious tourists with cameras, he is deeply mistaken. This is a real five-star hotel that provides its guests a wide range of various services. Each year the Hôtel de Glace is visited by about 500 thousand tourists from around the world, and it’s only a few months of work. The only undisputed disadvantage is cold – the average temperature in the hotel ranges from +18 to +20 C. Against all the laws of physics there are real fireplaces located in every room of the frost giant.

The Hotel “Langholmen”

Once “Langholmen Hotel”, built in the early nineteenth century, was a Royal prison, erected at the beginning of the nineteenth century. But the last prisoner left in 1975, and in may 1989 already everyone could feel the comfort of a prison cell, lovingly decorated and technically advanced new owners. The hotel has just over 100 rooms, each with a shower, toilet and cable TV. The transformations were not only the camera, but the prison as a whole: the old receiver-dispenser turned into a hall with a cozy bar in the middle, and the inner walking area – a cozy courtyard with a lush garden. The restaurant offers unusual dishes in the prison kitchen, by component composition is much more complex than the traditional bread and water. The owners promise that guests will not have to is tapping through the wall and wait for walking as the sole entertainment for the day: complete freedom of movement and the keys to your own camera’s guaranteed.

The Hotel “Propeller Island City Lodge 4*”

Are you bored with standard and impersonality of traditional hotels? You can no longer see endless similar rooms with frighteningly similar furniture placement and the normal Wallpaper and curtains? Well, then you direct road to Berlin, where he opened the hotel “Propeller Island City Lodge”. This is a truly unusual hotel made a splash in the world of non-standard tourism: the Creator of the miracle of design ideas, Lars Strachan, spent on the embodiment of his mad idea one and a half million dollars. You ask: so what, what is the extraordinary “Propeller Island City Lodge”? All in order….