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Named the most expensive hotels in the world

InterRight/Expedia/The Leading Hotels of the World

Travel portal Expedia has updated the ranking of the most expensive hotels in the world. The top ten were hotels, night which is from 15 to 50 thousand dollars. The most expensive is recognized as a Royal Villa in Athens. Here the room costs 50 thousand dollars a day.

According to the rating Agency, the tenth place is the Imperial Suite at Park Hyatt Vendôme in Paris. For the night person here will take 15 $ 500. In return will give the room area of 250 square meters with all amenities. In ninth place – Paris, the Royal Suite im Four Seasons Hotel George V. the Rooms there are furnished no worse than any Royal Palace. At night in a room with an area of 245 square meters (it has its own sauna) you will have to pay 16 thousand dollars.

The Royal Armleder Suite is located on the seventh floor of the hotel Le Richemond in Geneva. In every room – 3 bedrooms, hall, marble bathroom and lovely views of the surroundings of Geneva. Night in this hotel will cost 17 $ 500.

In seventh place in the ranking – the Royal Suite at the recently opened Burj Al Arab (Dubai). The room measures 750 square meters has a private Elevator and exit to the helipad. The cost of the order of the rooms – only 18 thousand dollars a day.

Place number six in the rankings – the Ritz-Carlton residences-Suite Ritz Carlton (Moscow). During his visit to Moscow, stayed here Barack and Michelle Obama. To feel American President it is necessary to pay only 18 $ 200. Room size, however, greatly inferior to the Dubai hotel is only 230 square meters.

In fifth place is the hotel Bridge Suite in the Bahamas. For a room size of 440 square meters you have to pay 25 thousand dollars. The hotel has 10 luxury rooms.

In fourth place is the Royal Penthouse Suite at hotel President Wilson Hotel in Geneva. 33 thousand dollars per room, with an area of three horticultural plot of the average Russian (1500 square meters).

The third place is occupied by apartments Ty Warner Penthouse in the Four Season hotel (new York). To services of clients – a room area of 400 square meters, which offers crazy beautiful views of new York. 34 thousand dollars a night.

Silver medal in the ranking of the most expensive hotels became the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at Palms Casino Resorts (Las Vegas, USA). 40 thousand dollars for a night in a room area of nearly 1000 square meters with a luxurious Jacuzzi.

First hotel from sun and suffering from the financial crisis of Greece. The Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi located right on the shore of the Bay in Athens. Sauna, private beach, private pianist, steam room, swimming pool. The cost per night is 50 thousand dollars.