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The country of the “seven capitals” – Spain

Even not knowing Spanish. and just starting to scroll in the head of the Association that are connected with that country, the first that comes to mind – the fragrant oranges! Spain is a country of ancient traditions, family values and hospitality! In the Kingdom of Spain consists of 50 provinces, which are located in the 17 Autonomous communities. Each of the regions beckons in its own way and attracts its own, Spain is called the country of the “seven capitals”.

The capital of Spain is well-known Madrid – “the first Spanish capital” a city of modern perception as an artistic and architectural style. If you look geographically at the location of Spain, its centre is in Madrid. As the country Spain is a Kingdom, the first most important place is the Palace the Royal Palace is the residence of the kings.

The most gorgeous and luxurious, and one of the expensive hotels in the world is the hotel Adler, which is located in the prestigious Salamanca district, the hotel contains 45 spacious and magnificent rooms. Next to the Museum “Prado”, is a beautifully decorated hotel – Agymar, in the hotel’s 245 rooms. One of the most fun and entertaining streets of Madrid, Puerta del Sol which is the center of cultural and entertainment district, the hotel is 7 Colors Rooms, this mini-hotel,which offers a choice of both single and double rooms, most suitable for travelers honeymooners and couples to spend holidays exclusively for couples.

First where should go by purchasing one of the wedding rounds of the most expensive hotels in the world . this is Catalonia, capital Barcelona. it is a city of contrasts and magnificent hotels and historical monuments, “the second capital of Spain”. The contrast and elegance of the city is that in it are combined together as modern buildings and historic architecture. A well-known monument and symbol of Barcelona, is the Sagrada Familia, since 1882. In the commercial and financial center of Barcelona is situated this hotel – 08028, hotel is relatively small, just 48 rooms, the hotel room spacious and bright, they are designed for honeymooners and for couples who come to honeymoon. The hotel with the same name of the capital of Catalonia – Barcelona 54, was recently built in 2007, the hotel is located in the fishing district, renowned for its fine seafood, despite the construction of a new hotel, it is situated in the Old town, the so-called Gothic quarter. In one of the famous districts of Barcelona L’eixample, hotel – 987, it consists of 87 rooms, the hotel belongs to the historical heritage of Spain. Modern hotel interior that allows you to feel at home, this is the hotel AB Viladomat.

“The third of the seven capitals” Spain is Valencia, and the Valencia region. The center for science and the arts located in Valencia, and in the reclaimed Turia riverbed, built a model of a modern culture – an unusual and creative, it consists of five buildings and is the center of recreation for residents and visitors of Valencia. Near the Centre of art and science is a four-star hotel – Ac Valencia, the hotel comprises 183 rooms spread on nine floors. Small but cozy hotel has 11 rooms, is called 11flats Apartamentos, located in the historic centre of Valencia.

Another attraction of Spain is Andalusia, “a capital fourth” Spain is Granada. It is Granada, bears and preserves the historical heritage of their descendants and visitors to Spain. UNESCO has included in the list of cultural heritage architectural ensemble of the city. The hotel are bright and warmly welcomes the guests AH Granada Palace is located in the city center, consists of 114 rooms, the rooms have been decorated in a vanguard style and the size of each room is 60 m. the city of Granada is closely connected the well – known dance flamenco, but it was this city that first appeared in flamenco without the castanets. Elegant and romantic hotel built in the style of XVI century is the Abadia hotel there are 24 rooms, but other than that, it is possible to get acquainted with the historical past of Spain, offers hotels heritage Museum, the exhibits, which are located in the hotel rooms, and it is available for anyone interested in clay, Arabic fabrics, also craft materials, ceramics. It’s a piece of history which can be touched without leaving the room!

One of the cities, which should be paid special attention, and I will dwell in one of the hotels is Sevilla, it is the third largest Cathedral built in the Gothic style. Very inexpensive, but comfortable and offering a complete comfort to its guests, the hotel, which is located next to the Jewish area called Abril and includes 20 rooms, it is well-suited for spouses who go on a journey associated with another passing year of life together!