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Of Chargesa

Ice Club / AYS CLUB. It is of Chargesa for Golden youth and for active people who love extreme sports. If you want fun parties, dancing, then this place is for you. This hotel provides to the clients affordable accommodation and plenty of interesting entertainment. The cost of housing — 400 R per day. In […]

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Most unusual hotels

Currently, the global network of hotels can satisfy every taste. Tourists travelling in the Netherlands, in the Frisian Staveren you can spend the night in oak wine barrels, Lelystad to plunge into hoary antiquity, skorotat time in the rural courtyard of the bronze age, and in Assen (province of Drenthe) to spend the night in […]

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An unusual hotel-prison

The thing is that in that building, which now houses the hotel, formerly a prison, and in the design of the hotel, the interior of the institution, to the extent possible, been retained. So create a place, unique in its kind – an excellent quality hotel, but with its own unique twist. The atmosphere inside […]