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Legendary hotel Savoy in Moscow

Savoy is a historical hotel located in the heart of Moscow, near the Kremlin, red square and the Bolshoi theatre. March 30 was held a gala evening in honor of the centennial of.

The hotel has a rich history that began in the late 19th century, when Cannon was created by the restaurant Alpenrose and the hotel Savoy was opened here on February 13, 1913.

In 2005 he was made a full-scale reconstruction of the hotel in which she found her second birth and had to meet the highest requirements of the hospitality industry. This is the first of the Russian hotels, which became a member of the international hotel group “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”.

Savoy now offers its guests the highest level of service and comfort. The hotel Savoy is among the few old hotels, which combines the atmosphere of antiquity and luxury with the achievements of modern technology.

The hotel has 67 rooms, including 11 suites, three meeting rooms and recreation complex “Savoy Marina club”, a restaurant with Russian and European cuisine.

Jubilee hotel were congratulated by representatives of city government, business and journalists. The gala evening was led by people’s artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoy, Tatjana attended the celebration, composer Eugen Doga, the actress Zinaida Kiriyenko and Inna Makarova.

In a concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the hotel Savoy, was made by the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theatres. A potpourri of domestic and foreign classics performed by the honored artist of Russia Yuri Rozum.

The hotel takes its name from the French Alps located in the Duchy of Savoy, famous for its magnificent palaces and their rich titled owners. In 1958 the hotel was renamed into “Berlin”, and in 1989 he was returned its historic name.

In Soviet times, the hotel has specialized in the reception of foreign guests, in recent years stayed here the stars of a world Opera Montserrat Caballe and Luciano Pavarotti, Lucia Aliberti and Jose Carreras, Dmitry Khvorostovsky, and also famous actors Richard Gere and Jane Fonda, representatives of business and political figures.

At the anniversary party was a festive lottery. The chef of the restaurant, known for preparing meals for the country’s leaders since Brezhnev’s times to the present, introduced the guests to the top menu in accordance with Russian culinary traditions. Guests enjoyed stuffed “sturgeon-royally”, and at the end of the occasion they presented a huge birthday cake Savoy.

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