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How to choose a hotel in Rome

First of all, remember: Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world. This had an impact on the cost of the hotel rooms – cheap not to name any hotels in Rome or tours in Italy. The exception is the “budget” bus tour around the country: in every one of the modest hotels along the route you will spend 1-3 nights. If you have the opportunity to choose a hotel in the framework of this tour, inquire about its location: time will be short, do not waste it on public transport.

About 3/4 of Rome’s attractions are concentrated in the historic center (Capitol, EXPERINCE, Piazza del Viminale: and Quirinal hills). Meanwhile, operators can often find the concept of “tourist center” – it is broader. If you offer the property is there, check the distance to the nearest metro station. If your budget is modest, and want a decent hotel, on his first visit to Rome it is better to refuse from hotels on the outskirts. Gain money, you will lose a lot of time on trips to the center and back, each time returning to the hotel exhausted. Rome – Museum under the open sky, and to afford fatigue-free Hiking available only to those who moved to the historic center.

However, here their tricks. So, a good 4* hotel near the railway station “Termini” can cost as much as a modest “three”next to the Pantheon. The station carries a high crime situation – even if you plan to travel to other cities, it makes sense to prefer a 3* hotel a little further away from Termini, in a quiet area. If you are principled kudos – the famous via Veneto and Trastevere is for you. First – the focus of the expensive 5* hotels (although there are 3*), the second – the once “popular” and now dear Bohemian area hotels for every taste. From there to the main attractions (Colosseum and Forum, Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, etc.) have to go about 15-20 minutes, well before the Vatican is almost in any case you have to take the subway.

Lastly: get ready for small hotel rooms. If you have chosen the hotel-“kopeck piece” or an inexpensive “three-ruble note” in the heart of Rome, the room is almost certainly going to consist of bed, wardrobe and drawers with minimal legroom. Expensive hotels are more spacious, but the room was not comparable with the “suites” somewhere in Egypt. Italy is a country in the first place intelligent and active recreation: it is small hotel rooms. Good luck with your choice and enjoy Roman holiday!