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Of Chargesa

Ice Club / AYS CLUB. It is of Chargesa for Golden youth and for active people who love extreme sports. If you want fun parties, dancing, then this place is for you. This hotel provides to the clients affordable accommodation and plenty of interesting entertainment. The cost of housing — 400 R per day. In Chargeshe is the only club. It is closer to the track Elena.

The den is designed primarily for families. It is located on a hillock G. Green, just 100 m from the ski slopes. There is a sauna, a restaurant, a children’s Playground. The price starts from 3.8 rubles/day.

Aquilon is designed for couples. The hotel has a bar, restaurant, billiard room, sauna. The price for apartments from only 2,5 thousand rubles. per day.

The most adult children Alpenhof hotel on Green mountain. From the Windows of this hotel has a great view of the ski slopes and mountains. Seen almost all the tracks And sectors. This hotel is very luxurious, as was built in the form of a Savoyard Chalet. In the hotel there is cafe, sauna, restaurant, billiard room. The cost of the cheapest apartments from 3.4 rubles per day. You can order domesto.

The Chalet Aurums especially for those who like to relax and creative. Very comfortable apartment, modern new furniture, refrigerator, sauna, TV. Cost from 12 thousand rubles per day.

Vertical for those who want to rest and freshen up. On site estsun, health centre for the treatment of diseases. The staff is extremely polite and ready to serve you on the highest level. Price T. from 3.3 rubles /day.

Greenberg is the epitome of coziness and comfort. Each apartment at the unearthly view of the mountains and forests. The price from 2,5 thousand rubles per day.

Hotel Grünhof features very comfortable apartments, but also capable of a wide range of dopuslug. This accommodation may be appropriate for family entertainment, and fun for company or corporate clients. The price of apartments with 1 tenant from 2.7 thousand roubles per day.

The governorate is distinguished by its comfort and high level of comfort. The hotel has a restaurant and a spacious sauna. In the restaurant you can enjoy a separate children’s menu. Cost of living – from 4.7 thousand rubles/a day.

The Elena hotel is the top hotel Sheregesh. It is considered a four-star. There are two bars, a restaurant, two saunas and equipment hire within the boundaries of the territory. Price from 3500 for 1 d. the Hotel belongs to the General complex tracks Elena in sector A. the Lifts and drags are very close. The hotel is very convenient. Places should be booked in advance.

The Yeti house in Sheregesh – a new building for G. Green. It is made of natural material, furniture made of wood. The cost of Economia from 4 thousand rubles.

The hotel pine is located in the complex Mustag. There are themed luxury accommodation. The restaurant serves unique dishes with the use of pine nut. Also the complex is attached sauna. The cost of accommodation 3.2 thousand

Kiya puts the tenants in family units, Junior suites and suites. The hotel has a billiard room, a sauna and karaoke. Separate cabinets are provided to tourists for safety equipment. Free Internet and Parking. You can also relax with your pet. The cost of 3.5 p m. daily.

Lapland – this 3-storey hotel. If you intend to relax with children, this is not a problem, next is the rental of children’s equipment. Placement from 2,5 thousand rubles per day.

The Bear hotel has spacious rooms, provides guests with excellent service. In this hotel you can relax with the whole family, to arrange a meeting in the romantic style. On the territory there are athletic fields, a billiard room and an indoor pool. Affordable price – from 500 rbl. the Hotel is close to Hiking trails, the ice complex.

The Mustag is a very comfortable hotel, situated close to the ski area. Also nearby there are cafes, a ski school with experienced instructors. There is ample free Parking. The initial cost from 3.1 thousand per day.

The hotel Olga is considered a relatively new institution in 4 floors. There is a lift, a café, a billiard room, SPA, table tennis, Parking, games for children. Room rates from 2.4 thousand

Russian hut is one of the most cozy. It has everything for a perfect holiday: sauna for the whole company, Parking, bar, karaoke, store inventory. There are Deluxe rooms and standard. For children there are special rates. Price of apartments from 2.8 thousand per day.

At the hotel Silver is a very cozy atmosphere, high level of comfort. There is a fireplace where you can warm up after skating with friends. Payment of 2 thousand a day.


Mountainous Shoria, Sheregesh

In the Kemerovo region is not very extensive area of mountain taiga type, it is called Mountain Shoria. The exact location of the South of Western Siberia on the border of the Altai and Sayan mountains.

Prices for rest in Mountain Shoria

Description of the resort Sheregesh (Mountain Shoria) visited probably every self-respecting fan of the ski resorts in Siberia. Despite the cold weather and snow, we have not so many beautiful mountains with good slopes for skiing and snowboarding, so Shoria is one of the most popular places.

Sheregesh is a small settlement of the village type, located in the Tashtagol district of Kemerovo region. A distinctive feature of this region is its geographical position: it occupies almost the centre of the continent and shares a West and East Siberia.

Mountain Shoria, Kemerovo region is a great area of Siberia, which is located in the South of Russia. In terms of territory, the Kemerovo region is not inferior to Belgium and splendor is comparable with Switzerland. Located in the mountain system of Altai, Sayan and Kuznetsk turn of the Altau.