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The Angleterre and the Astoria

St. Petersburg-the cultural capital of Russia and a real storehouse of interesting stories. One of them is the delightful tandem of the famous hotel Angleterre and hotel Astoria, is at the time surviving a lot of metamorphoses.

Repeatedly, as the expansion of the city and its buildings, the total area of the hotel was divided in half, forming two hotels, and then for a number of reasons – has teamed up once again.

In 1911 from the 1912, was opened Astoria. The Creator of the project was the famous architect Fyodor Lidval who earned quite a great reputation in the reign of Tsar Nicholas II. The hotel opening coincided with the great celebration of the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty.

Hotel Astoria in due time became one of the favourite hotels such famous people as Alexander Vertinsky, H. G. wells, Anna Pavlova, Mikhail Bulgakov, Sergei Yesenin.

In the eighties and early nineties of the twentieth century happened the reconstruction of the hotel, after which he went to new almost international level. Stayed here Thatcher and Baker, Faberge and Rostropovich, Vishnevskaya and Dmitri Fund and Lollobrigida.

The Angleterre hotel is no less popular. Once – up to 1924-th year – the building had an active English mission, leaving many interesting stories and memories.

This hotel is located in the Central part of St. Petersburg and offers excellent living room’

‘RA,high quality service and an excellent view (the hotel is opposite the famous St. Isaac’s Cathedral).

At all times history of a certain secret way bound the Astoria and Angleterre. In 1875, the year, for example, two hotels in the near vicinity of each other, were United by a special legal document. Recent Association of hotels was done in the late eighties of the twentieth century – after the reconstruction.

Currently the hotel Angleterre and Astoria continue to receive visitors from different places of the planet, visiting St. Petersburg on business or on holiday. Grand hotels provide the perfect accommodation – comfortable, modern and exclusive design, as well as Suites.

What happens next the fate of two great hotels, time will tell. Perhaps they will be forever destined to unite in a single complex or, on the contrary, forever part ways in the future to follow different paths.